What is Recursive Lossless Compression?

Recursive Lossless Compression (RLC) is a digital data compression technology that can compress any kind of data (random data), regardless of data type (graphics, video, or music types etc) recursively (repeatedly) until it reaches the optimum level without any loss of data. This is the world's first! One and Only One Dream Compression technology which can achieve compression recursively and applicable on all data types!

Its difference from other compression technologies:

Unlike other compression technologies which can only compress a file once, RLC can compress a file more than once. And it works on all data types; this feature alone makes our technology radically different from other existing compression technologies with good performance only on selective data types. Admittedly, there are attempts to achieve this ultimate goal in compression; however, some of these, even if they can compress recursively, involve the reconfiguration of compressed data each time before it can be compressed again: therefore it is not really compressing random data. Besides, such technologies have not been proven to be successful. In contras, our technology can compress the output of the compression process immediately after each pass, as long as such output is binary: this is truly recursive compression!

Why is it so important to the IT industry?

Nowadays, we are living in a digitized world. Anything we use, ranging from 3G cell phones to Internet, has been digitized to make life easier. However, the arrival of this auspicious new age has also brought along with it a lot of problems. The flow of information is growing at such a rate that companies must find ways to develop new hardware technologies to cope with increasingly overloaded information. Storage problems have been causing headaches to many companies in their pressing efforts to backup ever growing output of data such as emails on a daily basis. By creating a binary logic that would be capable of compressing any random data recursively and in a lossless manner, compressed data would be able to flow faster, and the same amount of data could be stored in a much smaller disk space, resulting in a much more manageable, free-flowing and potentially more efficient digital world, not to mention the dramatically increased storage capacity for digitized information. Until now, no compression technology in the world has been able to achieve true recursive compression, let alone applying to random data. We strongly believe this to be the greatest advancement in compression technology ever made and will have a major worldwide commercial impact on the transmission and storage of digital data. The benefits with this technology will be enormous. It would be potentially one of the biggest income-earner for any big IT companies who invest in it or purchase it. By building new compression software/hardware for data storage, video streaming, telecommunications etc, or through licensing the technology to other companies, revenues to the billions can be generated.