Inventor's Profile

Dr Constant Tsai Shi Wong was born in 1942 in Tientsin in the People's Republic of China and in 1960 migrated to Australia as a student. He attended university and obtained a Bachelor of Arts at Melbourne University, a Master of Arts at Monash University and a PhD in English at Monash University. Dr Wong also has an avid interest in advanced mathematics.

In 1999, after 15 years of dedicated work, Dr Wong produced and patented a Chinese computer keyboard (US Patent no. US 6,604,878 B1) that can input any of the 20,000 Chinese characters, both simplified and traditional, with a maximum of four keystrokes. This keyboard is vastly superior to any Chinese keyboard currently on the market. Using the underlying technology developed in the Chinese keyboard, Dr Wong has also developed the following all of which are protected by world-wide patent.

  1. Ten-keyed keypad (English) - an input system (designed for use in mobile phones) which enables the user to reduce the number of keystrokes needed for a word by an average of two-thirds without resorting to prediction, memorization or complicated operational rules. All input is done visually.

  2. Dr Wong has used the software that drives this keyboard as the basis for some exciting other forms of technology culminating in development and patenting of two major breakthroughs in compression of digital data.