Development Timeline

The current fully functional advanced academic version of the technology took over five years of intensive research and development to succeed. The process is shown below:


First turning my attention and interest to compression technologies after talking to a client about some other products relating to mobile phone input technology.


Experimenting with various innovative compression technologies targeting at specific types of data, namely alpha-numeric and graphic.


Contemplating on the possibility of a universal compression algorithm, which can compress any data regardless of its source, in other words, RANDOM data. Failing many attempts to make it a reality, amidst discouragement and sometimes ridicule from various quarters; and conceiving the preliminary algorithm that eventually led to the current prototype.


Painstaking development process, including producing over a dozen iterations of the flowchart, which grew to a size bigger than a king-size bed, but with unsatisfactory results.


Better test results starting to appear after rigorous testing, countless amendments and improvements. Flowchart finalized in the mid-year. Compression software completed in mid-August and decoding software completed at years end.


Overhauling the whole software throughout January, involving some structural changes, to make it more robust and efficient, as well as provide a simpler and more straightforward course for future development.


The algorithm has been improved and simplify for easy implementation and better efficiency in the first half of the year. In the last quarter, a protocol for manual demonstration of compression and decompression was put in place and tested with resounding success. The process has been further streamlined with increased efficiency since then.


Full working prototype completed and available for demonstration.